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Fall Semester 2008

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Presentation schedule

No. Tittle Duty Date
1. Software Engineering Principles (v) 함대식 12월 28일
2. No Silver Bullet (v) 조윤호 12월 31일
3. Concepts and Guidelines of Feature Modeling for Product Line Software Engineering (v) Tung D.M. 01월 03일
4. An Introduction to Software Architecture (v) 함대식 01월 07일
5. On the criteria to be used in decomposing systems into modules (v) Tung D.M. 01월 10일
6. Feature-Oriented Product Line Engineering (2002 IEEE Software magazine) (v) 조윤호 01월 14일
7. On Visual Formalism Tung D.M. 01월 18일
8. The STATEMATE Semantics of Statecharts 함대식 01월 22일
9. On the design and development of program families 조윤호 01월 25일
10. The modular structure of complex systems 함대식 01월 29일
11. Designing software for ease of extension and contraction 조윤호 02월 01일
12. "A software design method for real-time systems & A Software Design Method for Distributed Real-Time Applications" 함대식 02월 04일
13. Feature Binding Analysis for Product Line component Development (v) Tung D.M. 02월 29일
14. ATAM_Method for Architecture Evaluation (v) 조윤호 02월 18일
15. FORM:Feature Oriented Reuse Method Tung D.M. 02월 25일

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